会议注册说明/Conference Registration Instruction


Thank you very much for your attention and participation in SNEC. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by mistakenly making registration, please kindly note that the technical conference charges registration fee, while it is free for visiting the concurrent exhibition.

隐私保护/ Protection:


The Organizer commits that all the registration details and non-public information entered through the entire registration process will be kept confidential and protected against disclosure to any third party, except for the beneficiary bank.

信用卡支付条款/ Card Payment Terms:


For a convenience of participants outside China, the Organizer has opened an online Credit Card payment channel (We don't accept Credit Card issued from China). The customers should ensure the correctness and accuracy of the items ordered and amounts to pay before making the payments. In case of any refunds under special circumstances, an application should be submitted to the Organizer in advance and get approved. The Organizer will refund the amounts, after 20 work days since the event ends, to the original Credit Card. For the exceptional returns, the customers will be responsible for all the fees generated from the return process. It could be the fee charged from the bank or Credit Card Company. The Organizer reserves the right of final explanation to these terms.

地址: 上海市徐汇区宜山路425号905-907室 邮编:200235

For any questions, please contact:
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Room 905-907, No. 425, Yishan Road, 200235, Shanghai, China /
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Tel: +86.21.33683167-809 / 810
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