SNEC 13th (2019) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference
Conference: June 3-5, 2019
Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai
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SNEC2018 International Energy Storage and Mobile New Energy Conference
Date:   Monday, 28 May 2018
Room: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, Grand Shanghai Ballroom 2&Pudong Ballroom 4
Time:   09:30-17:30

As PV power plants and energy storage technology have matured, "PV plus Storage" has gained more and more recognition, supporting PV power generation and microgrid, by boosting the energy consumption in PV power plants. "PV plus Storage “has many benefits. It promotes intelligential energy production and consumption, helps to promote multi-energy coordination, and creates a new model and format of energy development.

Based on distributed generation technology which connects technologies (including energy storage, control, information communication, etc.) mobile energy could supply all-weather power while remaining mobile with high efficiency. It showcases the miniaturization and decentralization of distributed generation. Mobile energy covers six major industries: new energy, new energy vehicle, new material, high end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection and information technology. Power supply reform highlights mobile energy development, because mobile energy opens new avenues in the clean energy field for new energy vehicles and will be a new economic growth path.

SNEC2018 will organize the first international energy storage and mobile energy conference to promote PV development and demonstrate "multi-energy supplement" and "energy Internet" projects proposed by the National Energy Bureau. The attendees will include all levels of the “PV plus Storage” industry from market leaders to financial institutions and senior experts to Project owners. Through the communication on topics regarding policy, application, market, business model, project development, etc., and with case studies, the conference aims to discuss the application and marketing of energy storage in the PV industry, mobile energy application in new energy vehicle and related subjects.

Please note:The agenda is subject to change



Morning, 28 May (Monday)

Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

Grand Shanghai Ballroom 2

Opening Speech

Topic 1: Global policy interpretation and market outlook of Solar-Plus-Storage

  • Analysis of Solar-plus-Storage policy in China
  • The status and prospects of Solar-plus-Storage applications
  • European policy and status of application of energy storage
  • Status of policy and application of Solar-plus-Storage in USA /Austria

Topic 2: Application and business cases of energy storage technology in distributed Energy resource and micro-grid

  • Development model and key issues of electricity distribution networks and microgrid
  • Application and economics of distribution Solar-plus-Storage
  • Applications and economics of distribution Solar-plus-Storage in Europe
  • Optimization solution on distributed PV micro-grid system

Topic 3: Sharing cases on business application of centralized power generation plus-storage

  • Business model of energy storage and operation in industrial and commercial Parks
  • Operation model and commercial value of energy storage in DC side PV plant
  • Sharing cases on PV on-grid demand and storage solutions

Topic 4: Sharing cases on Energy Storage Project development

  • Overseas distributed solar PV-plus-Storage project development
  • Australian household energy storage commercialization project

Panel discussion: Challenges and solutions of PV-plus-Storage projects development

Afternoon, 28 May (Monday)

Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

Pudong Ballroom 4

Topic 5: Global mobile energy technology development and industry innovation

  • Overview of global mobile industry and market analysis
  • Distributed power generation technology
  • Application of Fuel cell power generation in mobile energy products
  • Application of Thin film power generation in mobile energy products
  • Mobile energy plus New Energy Vehicle
  • Comprehensive energy Solutions of Electric Vehicle

Topic 6: PV + New Energy Vehicle + mobile energy

  • Concept of Smart Microgrid (PV + New Energy Vehicle + mobile energy)
  • Opportunities and challenges of New Energy Vehicle in China
  • Technology Innovation of EV power battery
  • Latest technology of European EV and charging station solution
  • Integrated energy storage solution on EV charging station

Panel discussion: Opportunity and challenge of mobile energy industry



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