SNEC 12th (2018) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference
Conference: May 27-30, 2018
Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai
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    •SNEC2018 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards and On-site Presentation
    •Call for Nominations: SNEC2018 Pioneer Cup of Solar PV Projects along "One Belt and Road"
    • Global Media Joint Interview
  SNEC 10th Anniversary -- "Apollo" Award
  SNEC2017 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards
    Terawatt Diamond Award
    Gigawatt Gold Award
    Megawatt Jadeite Award
  SNEC2016 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards
    Terawatt Diamond Award
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    Honorary Award
  SNEC2015 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards
    Terawatt Diamond Award
    Gigawatt Gold Award
    Megawatt Jadeite Award
    Honorary Award
  SNEC2014 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards
    Terawatt Diamond Award
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  10-Year Achievements Show of PV Industry
    One Drop of Water
    The Longing in the Sun
    Expectations in Hard Times
    Outstanding Figures
    Solar Power Professor Zhao Chunjiang
    Starting-up in the Spring
    Initiator of A New Age
    Creative Design of Distributed Power Generation
    A Flourishing Emerging Industry
  SNEC2013 “Top 10 Highlights” Awards
    Terawatt Diamond Award
    Gigawatt Gold Award
    Megawatt Silver Award
  SNEC2012 “Top 10 Highlights” Award
    Terawatt Diamond Award
    Gigawatt Gold Award
    Megawatt Silver Award
 SNEC 2015 "Top 10 Highlights" Award Winners


(By random order)

Honorary Award


HBI Corporation

Anti-PID, Oxygen and Eliminate Trace Machine


GCL New Energy Holdings Limited

Research and Application of Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Platform


GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited




Silicone Gel for Solar PV


Wuxi Sunshine Power Co., Ltd

The application of PL equipment in separation of wafers and production of cells


Wuxi Sunshine Power Co., Ltd

Research on Industrial application of Wet Etching of Black Silicon

Beijing SolarRay Technology Co.,Ltd /

Laiwu SolarRay Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd

Ceramic Roller-type Firing furnaceContinuous Diffusion Furnace


3D-Micromac AG

Cell separation by Thermal Laser Separation (TLS)


SENTECH Instruments Gmbh

Solar Cells PID Tester, PIDcon


JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. 



JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Salt mist corrosion-resistance module



Solar street charge



350w high efficiency bifacial module


Hanergy Holding Group

PowerFLEX Thin-Film Module


Anhui Guangzheng Electric Technology Co., LTD

Photovoltaic Dedicated Box Transformer



Innovative Phosphorus Source for Material (PSS) System Security

ZTE Quantum Co.,Ltd.

Multi Contact & Synchronize technology and mechanical resonance suppressing technology


Shandong Zhaori PV-Tech. Co., Ltd.

The most simple and best cost performance dual axis tracking system worldwide

Surpass Sun Electric Co., Ltd 

DC 1500V High-power PV Grid-connected Inverter


Shanghai KeLiang Information Tech.&Eng.Co.,Ltd.

PV Inverter testing system based on principle of linear power amplifier

Sinomags Technology Co,.Ltd

Hard disk magnetic technology helps solar PV industry with 1 dollar power metering solutions


Beijing RETEC New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

PV Modules Cleaning Schedule Optimization & Extra Revenue Gains for Solar Farm


Wuxi SiNENG New Energy Co., Ltd.

Distributed PV Power Generation Solutions


Zhongtian Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd

Distributed PV multiple integration solutions


Guangdong MingYang Longyuan Power Electronics Co.,Ltd/

Redsolar New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

The third-generation high-efficiency photovoltaic systems and integrated electrical solutions for power plants

Zhongli Talesun Solar Co., Ltd.

Series Solutions on Potential Induced Degradation (PID)


JiangYin HuaFang New Energy High-Tech Equipment Co., Ltd

The most precise slewing drive debut in H-FANG


Wuxi Autowell Technology Co., Ltd.

Overwhelming Advantages of ATW Stringer


Siemens Ltd., China



NingXia XN Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Strings Series Welder:   domestic initiative, fill the blank


Manz AG

Manz LAS 2400 laser ablation system



ALPHA® EcoSol - a new low-temperature solder alloy for coating PV Ribbon


China Electric Power Construction & Investmengt Micro grid Technology Co.,Ltd.

Multifunctional Smart Micro-grid Application Platform


The Beijing new source technology co., LTD

NSA3 power station intelligent monitoring unit


Shenzhen I-Panda New Energy Technology & Science Co.,Ltd

Smart MPPT solar charge controller


IGEN Tech Co., Ltd.

All in One Portal--Comprehensive PV Management


TDenergys Shanghai Co.,Ltd.

Smart monitoring system for distributed PV Energy


Renewable Energy Trade Board EBOD



Zhenfa New Energy Science&Technology  Co.,ltd
The first case in the PV Industry: Chinese private company acquire and run the NYSE board listed American company


Nanjing Sunport Power Co. Ltd

PV modules of best appearance with high performance to price ratio

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