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Onsite Advertising

Onsite Advertising Includes AD flag post, Corridor AD on the ceiling, Movable AD outdoor board, etc. These items are straight-forward and clear at a glance to the visitors. Please click Download Center to download the ads contract of SNEC 2018 and check the detailed specifications, locations and prices, or click here to apply online.

How to apply for advertising?
Option 1: Please download and complete the Ads Application From, then return it to service@snec.org.cn by mail.
Option 2: Online application
(1) Click Exhibitor Registration/Login and use your username and password to login to the "SNEC (2018) PV POWER EXPO" Members Area.
(2) Apply for "Advertising".

Item Specifications Price(US$) Location
AD flag post 8m pole (0.9m×2.5m×4sides, up to 7 pcs) $650/pc/exhibition period D
Balloon Balloon diameter 3m
Banner length 10m×0.9m
(White print on red background)
$2,500/exhibition period A
Archway Span:18m (White print on red background) $3,500/exhibition period B
AD at Registration Area Registration Desk / Reception Desk $20,000/exhibition period/for 1 entry hall  
AD facing Zhangjiang / South Square 5m×8m (2 pcs,KS34、KS35) $10,000/pc  
AD facing South Square
5m×8m (2 pcs,KS36、KS37) $10,000/pc
Ground AD   Inside halls Surface area: One pc per sqm $180/sqm    
AD in the air South Entry Hall 3m×6m ( Up to 10 pcs ) $8,500/pc E
3m×5m ( Up to 3 pcs )
East Entry Hall 3m×5m ( Up to 25 pcs )
(Consulting required before booking; AD release allowed only on the carpet)
Above electronic screen 19 m (width) x 5 m (height) $45000/pc
Above E1 Entrance 8 m (width) x 5 m (height) $18000/pc
Movable AD outdoor board (Large) South Square 5m×8m (South and north side on South Square; Up to 23 pcs) $5,000/pc I
connected 5m×8m (start from 2pcs; Surcharge $5,800/pcs for each 5×8, max: 4pcs) $5,800/pc
East Square 5m×8m (Up to 23 pcs) $5,000/pc
connected 5m×8m (start from 2pcs; Surcharge $5,800/pcs for each 5×8, max: 4pcs) $5,800/pc
North Square 5m×8m (Up to 8 pcs) $5,000/pc
connected 5m×8m (start from 2pcs, South and north side on South Square; Surcharge $5,800/pc for each 5×8, max: 4pcs) $5,800/pc
Movable AD outdoor board(Small) South Square 5m×4m
(South and north side on South Square)
$2,500/pc J
East Square 5m×4m $2,500/pc
North Square 5m×4m $2,500/pc
Two-sided Ad outdoor post South & North Square 2.8m×1.2m×2sides ( Up to 50 pcs) $1,400/pc K
Flag on bumping post South Square 1.92m×1.28m ( Up to 170 pcs) $250/pc  
Hall W1-W5 1.92m×1.28m ( Up to 145 pcs) $250/pc
Ad Flag on electric light pole Longyang Rd. 1.5m (H)×0. 6m (W), Baiyang Rd. - Luoshan Rd.(170 pairs) $350/pc/exhibition period  
Fangdian Rd. 1.5m (H)×0. 6m (W), Longyang Rd. - Huamu Rd. (70 pairs) $350/pc/exhibition period
Huamu Rd. 1.5m (H)×0. 6m (W), Luoshan Rd. - Fangdian Rd. (60 pairs) $350/pc/exhibition period
Freeway 1.5m (H)×0. 6m (W), Longyang Rd. - Huamu Rd. (60 pairs) $350/pc/exhibition period
Movable AD post 4m×5m×2sides $4,500/pc  
4m×5m×3sides $6,500/pc
Corridor AD on the ceiling 5m×0.7m; 3.5m×0.7m(1# Entry hall to E1) $250/pc G
Corridor AD
?(South Entry Hall to Hall W1, inside the corridor glass)
3m×16m (1 pc) $13,000/pc  
3m×8m (2 pcs) $6,500/pc
Corridor AD
(South Entry Hall to Hall E1)
2.8m×7m (2 pc) $6,500/pc  
Corridor AD
(East Entry Hall to Hall E7)
3m×5m (16 pcs) $5,000/pc  
Corridor AD (North Entry Hall to Hall N1)   3m×8m (1 pc) $6,500/pc  
Corridor AD (North Entry Hall to Hall W5)   12m×6m (16 pcs) $13,000/pc  
Scrolling Panel Ad. 3m×1.4m×4pcs
(lights built-in, 4 sets on No.1 Square; 3 sets on No.3 Square; Rolling time of Scrolling Panel Ad: 8:00-18:00)
$4,500/4 pcs  
Single through Ad on outside glass hall wall 52.5m×7.2m(outer circle of W1-4, E1-7, N1-5) $35,000/hall  
52.5m×13.2m (outer circle of W5) $45,000/hall  
45m×7.2m (inner circle of W1-5, E1-7, N1-5) $60,000/hall  
30m×5m (corridor in inner circle, No. 1Entry Hall-W1, W4-5, N1-2, N3-5, E1-7) $35,000/hall  
LED Electroinc Screen 15seconds/time, 60times/day $1,800/day  
30seconds/time, 60times/day
(other footage discussed with the supplier; show period 3-5days)
AD Board 8.1m×4.295m (show period 3-5days) $1,8000 /exhibition period  
Substation fences Ad board 4.95m×3.8m×4sides $1,800/side /exhibition period    
10.4m×3.8m×4sides $3,500/side /exhibition period    
LED Vehicle 3.52m×1.76m(single side)
Video support (AVI、WMV、RMVB、MP4、3GP、ASF、MPG、FLV、F4K、MKV、MOV, video size≤2GB,resolution≤720p) Picture support (BMP、GIF、JPG、JPEG、PNG、PBM、PPM、XPM、XBM, resolution≤800×600) Words support (word、txt、rtf、html) Document support (DOC、DOCX、XLSX、XLS、PPT、PPTX, Office 2007 document format)  
$2,200/half day  
1.28m×1.44m(back side) $1,000/day  
$800/half day  
Whole sides $6,600/day  
$5,000/half day  
Waiting shed (W1/W3/W5/N1/N3/E1/E3/E5/E7) AD(4sides) W 200*H 100CM $1,300/exhibition period  
Top-set AD (4sides) W 400*H 80CM
W 180*H 130CM
$2,000 /exhibition period  
Set-Top Triangle Board (Alloy Frame) 240cm*72cm (Get Free Sticker Places on Front and Rear Triangle Faces) $2,000/exhibition period  
Set-Top LED Display 32p * 128p (Mono-color) $1,800/exhibition period  
Rear-End Sticker (KT) 130cm*90cm (Plug-in Type Alloy Frame) $1,000/exhibition period  
Car Seats Sticker (6 facets) 45cm*45cm (Display in words and numbers recommended) $200/exhibition period  
Car Seats Cover (5 rows) 120cm*45cm (Freedom of choice of seat cover materials) $1,000/exhibition period  
Engine Cover Logo Sticker 30cm*35cm (The places are splittable and can have various layouts) $260/exhibition period  
Windshield glass Sticker 120cm*35cm $260/exhibition period  
Blinder *4 110cm*145cm (Mesh Cloth Printing) $400/exhibition period  
Whole Package 9 cars $5,400/exhibition period/car  
VIP car rental fee (no included ad release fee) 1, 8 hours (9:00-17:00)
2, Driver and vehicle transportation charges  
AD Facility fee $50/car/day  
Overtime fee (between 8:15-18:15) $85/car/hour  
Management fee (two units and above) $50/person/day  
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