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Print Advertising

Print Advertising includes Catalogue, Paper collection, Visitor Card, Exhibitor Card, Invitation etc. These items are easy to save and have text with pictures, so they have extensive and long-time effects. Please click Download Center to download the ads contract of SNEC 2018 and check the detailed specifications, locations and prices, or click here to apply online.

How to apply for advertising?
Option 1: Please download and complete the Ads Application From, then return it to service@snec.org.cn by mail.
Option 2: Online application
(1) Click Exhibitor Registration/Login and use your username and password to login to the "SNEC (2018) PV POWER EXPO" Members Area.
(2) Apply for "Advertising".

Ad Item Price (US$) Specifications
Front cover (Catalogue) 148×209mm $20,000
Back cover (Catalogue) 148×209mm $13,000
Head page (Catalogue) 290×209mm $12,000
Inside front cover (Catalogue) 148×209mm $6,500
Inside back cover (Catalogue) 148×209mm $5,000
Colorful AD page (Catalogue) 148×209mm $1,300
Front cover (Abstracts Booklet) 148×209mm $13,000
Back cover (Abstracts Booklet) 148×209mm $8,500
Inside front cover
(Abstracts Booklet)
148×209mm $3,500
Inside back cover
(Abstracts Booklet)
148×209mm $2,500
Colorful AD page
(Abstracts Booklet)
148×209mm $1,300
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