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Straightforward On-site Advertising
Located at the most notable and dazzling location, it will show the companies' ads to the visitors straightforwardly and clearly at a glance.
Creative Print Advertising
The Show Catalogue, distributed onsite, is the most comprehensive guide to everything at SNEC PV POWER EXPO. The detailed directory of exhibitors provides valuable information for visitors and companies. Though being small, the advertising in catalogue and paper collection can be creative and they will have extensive and long-time effects.
Superexcellent Sponsorship Opportunities
SNEC PV POWER EXPO provides superexcellent sponsorship opportunities to exhibitors. As a sponsor, you will gain a rare chance to promote your brand and showcase your leadership, which will help you seek more clients and partners.
Download Advertising Application Form
For exhibitors, please click here to download. For a best advertising result, please check the different requirements of different items and choose a most appropriate one based on your demand.
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