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Make the Sun More Brilliant & the Blue Sky More Beautiful
-- Visiting Notes on SNEC2017 PV Power Expo Opening Day 

On April 19th, 2017, tens of thousands of personnel from more than 1800 exhibiting companies gathered at the Shanghai New International Expo Center to take part in the SNEC PV Power Expo 2017. At this moment, do you know what they are doing?

They are loudly introducing their PV technologies, PV materials, PV modules, PV projects, cables, mounts, inverters, PV agriculture and PV finance…They are all doing a great business called PV industry. And they are all performing a magnificent and significant mission: forge the more brilliant “Sun” and bring the earth with a more beautiful blue sky!

In 1972, when the concept “Only One Earth” was put forward by an economist and a microbiologist during the first United Nations Conference on Human Environment held in Stockholm, many people are randomly wasting various resources till the earth is polluted to be hazy, dirty and disordered!

Having gone through all the difficulties in the past 45 years, today, “Only One Earth” eventually becomes a worldwide common knowledge. Furthermore, after the Paris Agreement has come into effect ahead of time on November 4th, 2016, reducing the carbon emission and controlling the temperature is taken as a common action goal for all countries’ governments. For this reason, SNEC PV Power Expo 2017 also takes “Only One Earth” as the lofty mission to be achieved by all, and all exhibitors, regardless of cost, show their best, the most delicate, the most advanced and the most “capable” products and technologies:

Among those products and technologies, there are intelligent power station systems, facing future new energy century, e.g. the smart PV plant of GCL New Energy Holdings Limited and FusionHome Smart Energy Solution of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, focusing on future new energy self-development.

There are cells, module and systems which break the national, even the international records on photoelectric conversion efficiency in succession, e.g. Trina Solar’s excellent high-efficiency benchmark product – IBC solar cell & module whose photoelectric conversion efficiency rate reach 22.94% and 23.5%, The double glass module which won the “National Science and Technology Awards” of CECEP Solar Energy Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., Graphene Self–cleaning Module, 12-busbar Module of ZNSHINE PV-Tech, Co., Ltd., Perc solar cells of which the efficiency reaches to 21.5% of Guangdong Aiko Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., 285W five bus-bars Poly solar module with MCCE and PERC technology of Suntech Power, Co. Ltd., and N-type Bifacial Cell Technology——Perfect Solutions For Lowest LCOE of Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology Co., Ltd.;

There are big breakthroughs on components and auxiliary materials, e.g. The Highest Power Density of Residential Inverter (Equivalent power level) of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd., Zhongtian ultra-weathering PVDF film of Zhongtian Photovoltaic Technology Co., LTD, Domestic Front Silver paste -- created in China of Shanghai Transcom Scientific Co., Ltd. Among them are some products with national brand which use international top technologies, e.g. Q. POWER and Q. PRIME Modules with Advanced Six-Busbur Technology of Hanwha Q CELLS (Qidong) Co., Ltd., and SMA SOLID-Q 50 / SOLID-Q PRO 60 of SMA China. There are also some cutting-edge products made by some internationally well-known transnational companies, e.g. ENGAGE™ PV Polyolefin Elastomers of DOW CHEMICAL, SOL9641B series which means the special silver paste matching the black silicon technology and monocrystal PERC cell of Heraeus, and SolarBlade which is a total automatically laser cutting machine of ASM Alternative Energy.

Some new products in the field of application technologies emerge in endlessly, e.g. the most practical BIPV Solar Module of Ningbo Concentrated Solar Power Co., Ltd., the Intelligent Solar Roadway of Emperyland New Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Maximum span, the most beautiful sight, the most powerful photovoltaic bracket of Zhejiang Guo Li Ying He Solar Company Limited, Sinexcel multi-string PCS of Shenzhen Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd. which can be connected to different brands, different categories, different SOC on single energy storage converter, etc., all greatly appealing to PV project installers.

A new force of PV Agricultural suddenly rises, which becomes one of the biggest highlights of SNEC2017. Many old-brand PV companies, such as GCL, Trina Solar, Zhenfa, Suzhou Talesun, Zhongtian all concentrate their efforts in developing the PV Agriculture technology practice, e.g. the Tongli new energy demonstration small town in scenic regions with functions of PV, wind-power and energy storage, which are the new rural areas simultaneously in possessions of the PV functions in rural, agricultural and farmer life. Undoubtedly, it has presented a new way to solve the Three Rural Issues existing for a long time in China.

“New faces” emerging together with new products can be found everywhere: e.g. Saudi Arabia, which is proud of the rich petroleum production and its Middle-East neighboring countries, Brazil, the most important South American big country, and Yanchang Oil Field, the China’s big state-owned oil company, and China Construction, the constructing main force. They all first appear at the SNEC PV Power Expo 2017. They or set up big stands at the exhibition, showing their excellent products, or distribute strong delegations, taking in experience and purchasing at the largest exhibition with the most diverse exhibits. Our journalist stayed at the booth of the Big Sun Energy Technology Incorporation for less than half an hour while coming across with buyers from Shandong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu provinces signing sales agreement with Big Sun. Our journalist also found that some foreign customers are sitting and tasting tea to wait to negotiate because the exhibitors are lacking of staff members with foreign language capability.

Walking through the 15 exhibition halls, seeing the exhibits everywhere and rolling flow of crowds of people, based on the statistics and only on the first day of the exhibition, the quantity of visitors who have made pre-registrations online and register on-site nearly reaches 100,000. The statistics, along with the busy real site, are enough to demonstrate that holding the flag “Only One Earth” high, SNEC has indeed become the best platform converging PV industrialists and PV allies all over the world and is qualified to lead this huge army to make the Sun more brilliant and the blue sky more beautiful!


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