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Sidelights of the First “Symposium on PV Poverty Alleviation and PV Agriculture Application Technologies”
On April 24th, 2016, July 19th, 2016 and January 24th, 2017, in the short 9 months, Chairman Jinping Xi comes to Jinzhai County, Liuan City, Anhui Province, Yongning County, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Province and Xiaoertai Town, Zhangbei County, Hebei Province one after another to practically inspect the progress and effect of carrying out the “Precise PV Poverty Alleviation” and he fully affirms and highly comments on this job.

This also marks that “PV Poverty Alleviation” and “PV Agriculture” has become an important China‘s guideline to support agricultural modernization, to construct new socialist countryside and to improve peasants’ life quality.

On the afternoon of April 19th, 2017, in Pudong Ballroom 5-7, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanhgai, hundreds of domestic and foreign PV application experts gather together and attend the first Symposium on PV Poverty Alleviation and PV Agriculture Application Technologies to discuss how to really and practically execute the Party Central Committee’s theory and method on PV Poverty alleviation and PV agriculture in order to make the revolutionary technology of PV and agriculture mutualism and one land with multi-industry all blossom.

The symposium is co-chaired by Prof. Zhegen Chen, honorary Chairman of Zhejiang Renewable Energy Association and Prof. Chunjiang Zhao, Honorary Director of Solar Energy Research Institute. Mr. Jianxin Zhou, President of Jiangsu Talesun Power Technologies, Mr. Yaobang Zhang, Vice President of GCL Newenergy Holdings Limited, Mr. Dedong Cheng, Vice President of GCL Newerngy Holdings Limited, Dr. Erik Lou, Vice President of Trina Solar, Mr. Vincent Xia, Director and VP of Hollywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co.,Ltd., Mr. Xiaojun Liao, SMA China Development VP of SMA China, Mr. Jiansheng Mao, CTO of New Energy of Zhenfa New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Yingjie Dong, President of Zhejiang Guo Li Ying He Solar Company Limited, Ms. Lucy Lu, Marketing Director of GInlong (Ningbo) Technologies Co., Ltd., talks one after another, focusing on how to practice national outlines on pushing PV poverty alleviation policy, how to carry out the development and model innovation of precise PV poverty alleviation and how to solve the current problems of policy, land management, technology and standard. They also discuss how to develop “ecological stereo-agriculture”, which makes PV and modern agriculture combined more closely and tightly and introduce their success experience on how to fully take advantage of rural wide space and how to explore PV new market. Many foreign experts and entrepreneurs such as Mr. Deepak Gupta, Director General of National Solar Energy Federation of India, Mr. Knoche Ronald, Executive Director of REM TEC SRL, etc., deliver speeches on how to guide into the Chinese PV agricultural technology and how to import sustainable power production and simultaneous resolution with high efficiency to China.

Many speakers also point out that to further develop intelligent PV scientific and technological agriculture, currently some realistic limitation problems must be solved, e.g. some government departments always consider PV conflict for lands and lakes will influence agricultural, water conservancy, forestry production. To correct and eliminate this prejudice, in one hand, we must strengthen scientific research on how to properly adjust and control the relationship between Sun light and crops in the process of PV and agriculture mutualism and explore more proper technologies to make it really friendly and commonly prosperous; At the same time, we should make standard as soon as possible, guard against rash actions and avoid going the wrong way. In another hand, we must fully mobilize the public opinion force, disseminate the benefits of PV and agriculture mutualism, and gradually eliminate the conservative thoughts of some people in charge, change their concepts and let them get rid of some unreasonable traditional commandments. As an expert puts forward, “the policy problem is the fundamental problem, which is more important than the technology problems. To fully promote PV agriculture, we must set our thoughts right, make the policy flexible and keep up the law!”

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