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The wonderful Chapter of PV and Agriculture mutualism
This is a quite popular song: Our future is growing on the field with great hope!

This is an innovative and intelligent drawing: Our energy is developing on the vast ground!

Not the coal mine under the ground and not the oil deep under the sea, but the sun light that shines the earth everyday will become our future clean energy that never exhausts.

Our farm covering an area of 21 billion hectares, meadow covering an area of over ten billion hectares and endless intertidal zone and water surface are full of sunshine. If we can take advantage of those sunshine by using all intelligent PV electricity generating system, which plays a double effect to the limited ground resource, the fights for the land of PV and agriculture can be relieved at a great extent from the bottom that involved in the generalized agriculture (including forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, pharmacy, floriculture, etc.) to the upper layer that produces the clean energy and can provide a practical assurance on land use for China’s popularity on distributed PV and comprehensive implementation of the clean energy developing plan.

PV and agriculture mutualism—what a great ground revolution! What a great energy revolution!

Many PV scientists, entrepreneurs and architects all realize the advantages of PV and agriculture mutualism: it is greatly beneficial to improve the agricultural productivity. It can greatly reduce the operation cost of the agricultural facilities. It can provide cheap electricity guarantee for comprehensively promoting the integration of water and fertilizer and large-scale substitution of the channels for pipes. It is often helpful to defend disaster and natural enemies, render a stronger and healthier growing of the crops, animals, fish, shrimps, flowers and plants under the solar energy arrays.

It requires a detailed plan, scientific design and careful construction if the great ground revolution and energy revolution can be smoothly launched. This is also the purpose for SNEC2107 organization committee to launch the SNEC2017 Agricultural Photovoltaic Project Design & Engineering Competition – the sun shines the earth, PV enriches the rural areas. The competition gets a lot of responses. In the short period of four months, we received decades of works with ingenious concept and clever design. Some of those works are already built. They are so effective and beautiful and can increase the production, enrich peasants that they worth being promoted and followed. Here in exhibition are the elite of those entries.

They are drawings, faithfully show: our energy is developing on the vast ground!

They are songs as well, mellifluously play: our future is growing on the field with great hope!

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