Starting-up in the Spring

Earlier in the middle of the last century, someone predicted that 21st century will be an age of environmental protection and new energy resources.

Around the corner of sending away the last century and meeting a new one, developed countries with America as its head formulated plans to research, develop and utilize solar energy science while such countries as German and Japan who are short of resources and have a large command of it benefit most from the implementation of PV power generation.

In the beginning of the 1970s, China began to apply solar cells to its ground facilities. Now the application of solar cells grows rapidly, the number of its kinds and scales increase gradually and its application areas expand quickly so that it has been used to such areas as meteorological observation, communication stations, bacon recognition, rail transportation, radio and television and civil electrical appliance, etc. These old yellow pictures reflect the development road of China's PV industry.

A train station with application of solar panel in Ketu, Qinghai
Solar black light lamp from Ningbo ( left)
Solar black light lamp from Shanghai (right)

Huashan weather station

TV translator powered by solar cell

Control center of train station in Ketu, Qinghai ( left)
Solar panel array of train station in Ketu, Qinghai (right)

Several kinds of solar charger used for electrical fence